Tuesday, May 09, 2006

1. Not everyone who opposes sanctions on Iran does so on humanitarian or principled grounds which recognize the brutality and ineffectiveness of this form of collective punishment. Some seem to do so from pure economic self-interest, but i think we should take all the allies we can get. Have a look at their Iran Sanctions fact sheet for a breakdown of their core concerns.

2. Israeli "dove" Shimon Peres has made the not-so-veiled threat that "the president of Iran should remember that Iran can also be wiped off the map". And we should remember that Israel, unlike Iran, has the nuclear arsenal to make good on this threat. Now will the so-called world community rise in unison to condemn his remarks? Will they claim that this should be taken as an argument for why Iran needs nuclear weapons to defend herself?

3. I really have to update my links. Some blogs are defunct, some have been hacked, and there are a bunch of new sites that i now read but which aren't in my sidebar. but i'm also thinking that maybe it doesnt make sense to have all these things listed if i dont have blogrolling. so i guess i should either get a blogrolling service or get rid of the side bar all toghether? I don't know, maybe i will just go with whatever is easier, i just dont want to offend anyone if i end up getting rid of all the links.