Thursday, May 04, 2006

1. Yesterday Iranian authorities officially confirmed what activists have been mobilizing around for a couple of days now: scholar Ramin Jahanbegloo has been arrested and detained in Iran's Evin prison.

Many of us who are worried about his well-being are also concerned about the propagandist uses to which his arrest may be put. We are well aware of the vultures in waiting who are ready to tear us apart in the name of protecting our human rights.

And then there are few who dare to gloat in the arrest of Jahanbegloo. I came across the writing of one of these disgusting creatures just the other day. You know, the ones who accuse everyone of being an "agent of the regime". And what to do now when the "agents" are detained by the regime they have been accused of supporting? well, continue the character assassination, it seems.

If the IRI were to fall tomorrow, I wonder what would become of these types? Where would they get their sense of rightiousness? Their sense of identity? Their self-designated roles as the only truly radical activists on the face of the planet?

What exactly would they do with all the time on their hands?

My guess: they'd go back to selling over-priced Kabob dishes to the unsuspecting.

2. Man this Ahmadinejhad just can't contain himself. I have to admit, however, that I rather enjoyed his latest display of un-diplomatic behaviour:

When the Emir of Qatar was leaving Iran on his recent state visit, he wished the Iranian national soccer team good luck in the World Cup games. But he made the mistake of saying that the team's success would bring pride to the entire "Arabic Persian Gulf" region.

Ahmadinejhad's response: "I believe you called it the Persian Gulf when you studied in school".

Once the Emir had left, Ahmadinejhad went further to call him a "Western Lackey".

And, well, I'd have to say our little president was right on both accounts.

3. The most circulated slogan in Iran these days, "Nuclear Energy is Our Absolute Right", strikes me as being rather silly. I mean really, what one earth does it mean? Despite the many jokes about the slogan itself, however, the majority of the Iranian people appear steadfast in maintaining their right to develop nuclear energy capabilities. This CNN segment which I found via Iranian Truth, illustrates this point pretty well. Its strange to see Iranian pretty-boys loafing on the ski slopes and saying the exact words that come out of the mouths of prayer leader on any given friday.