Friday, April 21, 2006

Yesterday, I heard the sad news that one of Iran's most talented architects, Seyed Hadi Mirmiran, lost his near decade long battle with cancer. He was one of the nicest, strongest people I ever met, and his passion for his work was so intense that eventhough he was bedridden for much of the last year, he had a room built inside his firm to accomodate his bed and medical supplies. That way he could still work and be right in the midst of it all. It was in this room that I last saw him. Raed, my mom and I went to visit him, and while we were all shaken at seeing how fragile he was, he himself didn't seem to notice and instead told us enthusiastically about all their latest projects.

I know it sounds like a cliche to say that he will be missed but not forgotten, but it is true.

His funeral will be in Esfahan, the city that he loved.

I send my condolences to all who cared for and were inspired by Seyed Hadi Mirmiran.