Wednesday, April 12, 2006

1. UC Santa Cruz students chased military recruiters off of campus yesterday. It's quite a victory. Even the reactionary drudgereport took notice today and linked to the story. I think that is kind of a victory too. Freaking out the reactionaries, i mean.

2. An addendum to yesterday's post. When Sam Beckett lay dying, a friend asked him "What colour would you like your tombstone, Sam?" He replied, "Any colour... so long as it's grey." For more fun facts and choice quotes on Beckett, see this story from The Toronto Star.

3. John McCain--who, believe it or not, I kind of like--is introducing some idiotic legislation urging FIFA to ban Iran from the World Cup this summer. If Iranians don't get riled up over the prospect of war on their homeland, they certainly will come out in full force against any move against their national soccer team. Go to NIAC's page on the issue to take action. I also recommend that people contact FIFA directly.