Monday, April 03, 2006

1. Sue Pleming, writing for Reuters, opens her article about Rice and Straws surprise visit with a heart-warming story about how Rice slept on the floor of her aircraft so that jack straw could have a comfortable rest in her private cabin. Hey sue, instead of providing us with the gossipy details of their sleeping arrangements, how about some substantive reporting about straw and rice's attempts at strong-arming the Iraqis into appointing a leader that pleases US/UK?

2. All three of our Norouz fish died already. It happened after I cleaned their fishbowl and changed the water. Either the water was still too cold, or the filter had not taken out all the chlorine, or some soap remained in the dish. One or all of these factors I think contributed to their consecutive deaths: two of them we witnessed dying, which was actually traumatic, and the fat healthy one died over night. All of our attempts to resuscitate and save them didnt work.

Anyway, at least they died after the official end of the new year because despite all of my attempts to become a rational human being, i'm still a superstitious person.

The fish are outside now in a bowl, waiting to be devoured by the grumpy neighborhood cat. If he hasnt eaten them by tomorrow morning, i'll take them down to the waterfron t and give them a burial at sea.

3. Iranians of various backgrounds are explicitly saying no to U.S. monies that are being dangled in front them as bribes in exchange for their cooperation in the administration's plans for regime change in Iran. More on them later.