Sunday, March 05, 2006

1. In early november, i wondered whether there was any truth to the rumour that the student political activist and political prisoner, ali afshari, had fled iran. I found the answer when I read this news (in persian) that afshari had given some testimony in the U.S. congress. His speech included some cursory remarks about why out-right war against Iran would not be a good idea, and that the ruling government would actually welcome the chance to manipulate popular support.

I don't understand such appeals to the U.S. congress and officials. What is the motivation, from a political and/or strategic point of view? Who is facilitating these meetings and towards what end? By running to the same people in power who threaten Iran night and day, doesn't Afshari and others--who were imprisoned and suffered because of their views--undermine their own credibility, and by association the credibility of others inside of iran who are working indpendently on a range of political and social projects?

2. In checking the statcounter every now and again, i've noticed that the terms "fereydoun foroughi" and "fereydoun foroughi lyrics" bring consistent traffic to this site. Sometime ago, before I had figured out how to use the Persian keyboard, I had transcribed and translated the lyrics of one of his songs. As a tribute to him and his many fans who seem to come online quite often in search of his work, I decided to transcribe the lyrics to yet another one of his songs.

Here then, are the lyrics to tolooe Khooneen (Bloodied Rising), which you can listen to here.

خوش باوران
زحمت کشان
در خوابند

شب به دستان
بت پرستان

ای جان بازان
اکنون کجایید؟

انسانی بود
انسانی رفت
آزادی کو؟

یکی آمد
با پتک سیاه
پرواز را کو؟

ای طولوع خونین از شب تو بگریز
صبح خونبار در خون من با نور آمیز

هم خاک من هم وطنم یک دو پر پا خیز
شب فرو ریز با نور آمیز ای هم صدا

تو دستات خورشید
بر لبات امید
بر دشمن بستیز