Thursday, January 19, 2006

Freedom is on the March

All of this would be kind of funny if it wasn't so scary.

So the first thing is this news I received via email this morning. The pentagon has been spying on U.S. universities, and has picked out a handful of campuses who have held peaceful anti-war protests as presenting a national security threat. And where do you suppose was the number one ranked university which was deemed to pose a "credible threat"? The University of California at Santa Cruz! Does a campus that has the banana slug as its official mascot sound like a place that would be the hotbed of militants? The only explanation I can think of for Santa Cruz making the list is that the feds assigned to keeping an eye on the campus had been smoking a whole lot of the weed that is easily available around that place.

But it is not just the students who are under surveillance by the way. Thanks to Sima , I found out about this organization that pays students to spy on UCLA professors! And if you aren't a student but still want to contribute the intimidation of intellectuals, you can donate cash to the project, and your donation is tax deductible too.

And if I may indulge my own conspiracy theories for a moment, I think there are state-sponsored projects aimed at planting spies/agents in graduate departments, particularly in the humanities/social science programs. Yea, I know, it sounds paranoid, there was a day when I would have laughed myself off the blog for suggesting something like this, but not anymore.