Monday, January 16, 2006

1. I've never been to Pakistan, and I really don't know much about contemporary Pakistan outside of some information on the U.S. backed military dictator, President Musharraf, or as he is commonly known among Iranians and Afghans alike, President Bee-sharaf (bee=without, Sharaf=honour, hence bee-sharaf=without honour). Despite my lack of deep knowledge on Pakistan, however, I am pretty sure it is one of the most "anti-american" places anywhere. The murder of 18 civilians by a U.S. bombing, of course, has only heightened this sentiment.

As far as I know, neither bee-sharaf or the "world community" that some people seem to have so much faith in, has protested the murder of civilians, nor have they criticized the violation of the air-space of a sovereign state. Isn't Pakistan a staunch U.S. ally? Could the U.S. get away with bombing some little town in Brittain where it thinks that terrorists are hiding out, without even saying "oops sorry, our intelligence was wrong, we just murdered a bunch of your civilians"?

2. I want to say a quick word about tomorrow's scheduled execution of clarence ray allen, who is blind, wheel-chair bound, diabetic, he's basically just a really sick old man. When I blogged in Persian about the execution of Tookie Williams, I was actually amused when many people who clearly don't read a word of persian, assumed they knew what i was saying and harassed me accordingly. I think I erased the more hostile comments, though in retrospect I wish I had kept them. Anyway, Raed just blogged about that experience of being at the William's vigil , and we both shared the same irritation about pretty much all aspects of the vigil/protest. But I think I would give more credit to those who are working for the abolishment of the death penalty on the basis that state sanctioned murder is, well, murder that should not be carried out by "civilized" nations.

3. The third thing I want to blog about is a request for help/suggestions from my Persian speaking readers, which I guess I will put off for now because I should probably compose it in Persian, even if it takes me 3 times as long to type in Persian as it does in English. I'm just putting this here as a reminder to myself.