Monday, December 26, 2005

What would you do if you had it on good suspicion that someone you know was drawn to and actively involved in fascist ideologies and communities? What if this person—with brown hair, skin, and eyes—conceived of himself as an “Aryan” because his family hailed from Iran, the so-called cradle of the Aryan creed? What if this person had never experienced any personal or familial harm at the hand of an Arab or a Jew, but somehow attributed all the ills of his current society and the world to arabs and jews?

What would you do?

I know it my not be the most Christmasy question, but it is urgent.

Would you force him to look into the mirror until he sees that he looks no different than the jew or the arab that he so despises, and that in fact he will find more blue eyed blonds among the arabs and jews than among the “aryan” Iranians he pledges allegiance to?

Would you try to convince him that racial “purity” is a lie, and that in any case, there are too many seyyids in his immediate family, which means that his family’s “bloodline” was most certainly mixed with people of Arab descent?

Would you publicly shame him, to smoke him out of his hole where he cavorts with his like-minded fascists, and force him to be accountable for his beliefs?

And who do you hold responsible? Not just him, because if it was about one person, this problem most likely would not have made it into the space of a blog.

Is it the fault of the mainstream communities which in words and deeds marginalize people of color so that a self-hatred so deep develops that draws one into the delusional world of racial superiority?

Is it the fault of the “Iranian opposition” who exploits these feelings of worthlessness, and preaches night and day on the satellite t.v channels about “purifying” the Persian language from Arabic and/or Islamic words, that consoles the not-accepted-“here” not-accepted-“there” masses of the Iranian diaspora with the spectre of a grand Persian empire, that tries to push an anti-Arab, anti-Muslim present political agenda by sowing hatred against the Muslim invaders of 1400 years past?

I have no doubt that Iranian fascist-nationalists who have outfitted themselves as the “Iranian Opposition” bear the brunt of the responsibility for the proliferating of these hateful ideologies.

I have some idea about how such groups can be forced to be accountable or at least forced to own up to the ideologies they promote.

But as to how one should deal with the deluded individual who is caught up in this poisonous web, I have no idea.

Yea, I know the questions are not the least bit Christmas-y.

But this is urgent.