Sunday, December 18, 2005

Just Wondering

Just wondering #1: if Iraq is supposed to have been "sovereign" since June 2004, how can the vice-president of another country which happens to have over a hundred thousands of its troops on Iraq's "sovereign" soil secretly drop in without the knowledge even of the "sovereign" state's Prime Minister?

Just wondering #2: What happens to the credibility of the countries that go around lecturing the rest of the world about democracy, if they threaten economic blackmail when they don't like the candidates that win in a democratic election?

Just Wondering #3- If police in China administered Hong Kong who beat and pepper-sprayed unarmed civilians protesting the WTO's devastating impact on local farmers, had done the same thing to let's say, demonstrators protesting the impact of China's policies towards the region, wouldn't all the champions of democracy be tripping over themselves to condemn state sponsored police brutality?