Saturday, December 31, 2005

1. You know it is time to ease up on reading blogs when your dreams are about reading a blog that is talking about another blog. I woke up last night because the rain and wind was hitting the house so hard our windows were shaking, and I realized that I was reading a blog in my dream that said: "In his blog, Raed Jarrar says that our citizens do not understand the storm that is hitting Iraq, but a storm is hitting us here at home." Anyway, I think "doing something about my internet addiction" should be on my list of new year's resolutions.

2. How come the mainstream media isn't saying much about the five Sudanese embassy workers who were released by Al-Qaeda? It is, after all, a happy event, and war supporters are always complaining about the lack of reporting about the "good" news coming out of Iraq. I think the reason this news hardly got any press was because the hostage takers demanded that Sudan close its diplomatic mission to what they call "the green zone government", Sudan figured the lives of five of its nationals were more important than loyalty to an occupation government on the verge of collapse, which is why they met the demands of the hostage-takers and their citizens got to go home. So while the release of these hostages will not be plastered on the mainstream English speaking press, you can expect that Sudan will come under some kind of criticism pretty soon, and that not a voice will be raised against Egypt's murder of Sudanese immigrants.

3. She's had all kinds of problems with her main site this year, but Z8un, who is now primarily writing here, remains one of my favorite bloggers. It's not that I like everything she writes, in fact sometimes her social politics, especially when it concerns women's sexuality, really get on my nerves. But the thing I like most is that I detect in her a undiminishable lust for life, a curiosity about all that goes on around her. Because of this, I sometimes feel motivated just from reading her blog, even if she is writing some completely scattered thoughts about her daily life in the suburbs of tehran.

4. And finally, Happy New Year to all who celebrate it.