Sunday, November 06, 2005

Paris is Burning

Can you imagine the press coverage if it were the suburbs of Tehran, and not Paris, that had been burning for ten nights straight, and if it were Iran's interior minister, and not the French Minister Sarkozy who had described the youth involved in the riots as "thugs" who needed to be "cleaned out" of their neighborhoods?

I can imagine it very well. it would be all over the news, and gloating headlines would abound:

Youth Rise up Against Oppressive Iranian State

World Leaders Condemn Iranian Minister for Remarks about Iranian Youth as "Scum"

Iranian Regime Unable to Quell Popular Uprising

The End of the Iranian Regime Near as Youth Protests Continue to Rage

U.S. and Israel Urge UN to Kick out Iran for "Scum" Remarks

Iran's Youth Say: "We'll Rather Burn Tehran than Have it Under Your Rule"

Anyway, I think you get the point.

But no, it is not Tehran that is burning, it is Paris, in the heart of the "free" world. Apparently, in the "free world", when riots spread from town to town and continue for nights on end, it doesn't indicate persistent, race-based inequalities and injustices, it just means that a whole lot of "thugs" are bent on destruction for no reason at all.