Sunday, November 27, 2005

Haven't written anything on Iraq for ages, it seems, so here a few links for now:

1. Mercenaries, usually called "private security contractors", shoot innocent Iraqi civilians, and make "trophy" video of their executions. The story, as reported by the very right wing British paper, the Daily Telegraph, can be found here.

2. Speaking about Moqtada As-Sadr's followers in the New York Times, Hajim al-Hassani, a secular Sunni Turkmen who is speaker of the transitional National Assembly confirms that "They are the largest group in the Shiite community". Sadr has managed to get 30 of his candidates on the elections list, which means he has the same number of candidates as the two main governing Shia groups.

3. In Cairo last week, in the presence of representatives from Egypt, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iran (but no one from the U.S.), top officials in the Iraqi government, including the President Jalal Talbani, came up with a statement which, among other points, affirmed that "National resistance is a legitimate right of all nations". General statements were made condemning the murder of civilians, but this, they acknowledged, was different than legitimate resistance. The government that came into being because of U.S. tanks, realizes that U.S. tanks mean nothing without the support of the people under their occupation, so they indirectly condone the destruction of those tanks. Ouch!

4. Finally, a very important question: are those who continue to justify and/or support the illegal war against the people of Iraq lying or just stupid?