Sunday, November 13, 2005

1. I really like children, especially when they are between 0-8 years old. But i don't particularly enjoy sharing swimming pools with them because:

A)i feel uneasy that maybe i'll accidentally kick them while swimming and
B)i think they are constantly peeing in the water

So i dont feel comfortable and end up getting more water in my nose and throat than i normally would, which, given reason B, makes the whole thing not very pleasant.

2. I finally figured out a way to read Nafisi's Reading Lolita in Tehran without putting money in her coffers or without having to embarrass myself by getting it out of the library. I can get online access through an institutional affiliation, so hurray for e-books.

I've managed to get to page four so far, and i've already rolled my eyes like ten times. I'm going to make myself read the whole thing though, just as i'll force myself to read the latest bernard lewis. i'm starting up a running list, i think it is important to know exactly what they are up to. Please tell me if you think there are some must-reads of this type out there that I should be aware of.

But anyway back to nafisi, a very smart and conscientious friend of ours is working on an expose of her. it's very juicy stuff, i'll let you know as soon as it is published.

3. has a link to this little clip about Iran promising not to get nuclear weapons. my favorite lines are "dont think of us as middle east thugs...we're fun loving guys who make pretty rugs" and "we were on your side against saddam...but good luck on your second vietnam".

4. Finally, check out aref-adib's latest genius creation: darth vader in iraq.