Sunday, October 30, 2005

Is it just me, or is what Mohammad's teacher did in his New York classroom inappropriate? Imagine what the reaction would be if the reverse happened: suppose an israeli highschool student in a majority arab class walked in to see that his teacher had written on the board "This Week Israeli Occupation Forces made over a dozen raids into Gaza" (because, as we all know, the Israelis use more than words in threatining the Palestinians). And suppose that the quote wasn't relevant to the the topic at hand and the teacher didn't mention the quote during class to engender discussion. Wouldnt the ADL be all over the teacher, and the school, and the superintendent, and the city, until the teacher was made to explain and be held accountable for his actions?

Unfortunately, the best that "our" civil society organizations do for us in times of crisis is to cower, afraid to offend. "our" organizations are very good at apologizing on "our" behalf, even if "we" are not accountable.That's why when two congresspeople from Florida decide to support Peres' call for Iran's expulsion from the UN, the National Iranian American Council takes no stand, instead drafting two letters, one for and one against the proposition to expel. That's why organisations like MPAC, whose mission is ostensibly to protect the civil rights of muslim Americans, run to release apologetic press statements any time any muslim anywhere does anything wrong, thereby only confirming the dangerous and mistaken idea that muslims are collectively responsible for the actions that any indivudal or small groups of muslims take.

I'm sure Mohammad would just like to forget this whole thing, but supposing he did want to lodge some kind of complaint, do you think the NIACs and MPACs would come to his defense?

As they say in Iraqi, I'll cut my arm if they would.