Friday, August 05, 2005

The U.S. is thinking of denying the new Iranian president a visa to speak at the UN due to allegations that Ahmadinejhad was involved in both the 1979 hostage taking and the 1989 murder of an Iranian Kurdish dissident in Vienna.

I'm not against it, actually, but let them be consistent about it. So, how about denying Ariel Sharon a Visa for his "alleged" involvement in the Sabra and Shatila massacre of civilians in 1982, Or Jalal Talbani for his "alleged" role in killing fellow Kurds during the civil conflicts of the early 90s, Putin for his "alleged" murderous rampages of collective punishment against the Chechens, Musharraf for his "alleged" brutality as a military dictator...well, you get the idea.

It's sad, really. And everyone who reads this blog knows I didn't vote for Ahmadinejhad. I even went into a near depression when he was elected. But like it or not, the man won with a landslide, and despite the Iranian electoral system's many serious flaws, he has to be dealt with as the elected leader.

And now, the administration of the U.S. president who belittled, bullied, and ignored the U.N. to make his case for an illegal invasion of Iraq and who appointed a thug that the even the U.S. congress was against as the ambassador to the U.N, wants to misuse its position as host to the UN headquarters to antagonize another state. Meanwhile, the new Iranian adminstration has rejected the EU's package offering incentives in exchange for Iran's compliance with its demands on pursuing nuclear energy.

Two extremist administrations, both rooted in religious ideologies, pushing one anothers' buttons at every turn, with the EU in between as usual, trying to loot as much as it can from conflicts between fanatics.