Sunday, August 07, 2005

Thank god they rescued those Russians stuck in the submarine, I was feeling claustrophic ever since I heard the news. Like a couple of years ago when a group of miners got stuck underground in the U.S., I felt I couldn't breath right until they were rescued too.


Robin Cook died, i felt pretty bad about it. I'm sure Blair is relieved though. if only Ken Livingston and George Galloway would collapse too, then Blair would really have it made.


Did you know that the Kurds refused a part in the Iraqi constitution that would recognize Iranian-Iraqis ("Persians") to be recognized as a ethnic minority in Iraq? Juan Cole writes about it in this post.

I can't quite figure out why the Kurds would be opposed to it, unless some external group(s)put pressure on them to do so. Afterall, the Kurds refuse to accept that Iraq should be categorized as an "Arab nation", so why wouldn't they be for the inclusion of another non-Arab minority that clearly exists in Iraq? Well, I have some theories, but they are better left unsaid for now.