Friday, August 05, 2005

Rosewater Terrorists

Our dear friend S. who lives in New York City, wrote me an email yesterday about new NYPD measures to prevent any London-style attacks in the NY City subways. We were so shocked at how misguided and silly they are, that we just laughed out loud in disbelief. I think the Department of Homeland Security (who is behind the guidelines) is in serious need of hiring some decent consultants.

With S.'s permission I am reproducing his email here so you can see for yourself what I mean:

hi niki jaan, i read about this really funny thing with the ny
police dept. you know they're doing random checks of people's bags
in the subways, and there's been a lot of discussion about the
racial profiling aspect of that. so the dept of home. sec. has
guidelines for suspicious looking subway riders; asides from
looking like they're from a certain part of the world, the police
are trained now to look for: excessive perspiration, intense
praying (on the subway!) and-get this-smell of rosewater! can you
believe it???!!!! "Golab"!!! the nypd is doing olefactory profiling
of any golab smelling, suspicious, brown, terrorists!

the golab thing was really funny to me, since it reminded me of my
moalem dini [religion teacher], and the smell of namaz Khaneh [prayer
room]in elementary school.

it sounded like the sort of silly thing that demands a sarcastic
remark in some blog.

I know flower-based scents are really popular for the summer months, but i advise anyone remotely middle-eastern looking to think twice before putting on such perfumes and colognes.

Anyway, I think the Persian speaking audience would get a big kick out of this story, so it might be a good idea to translate it and post it here and elsewhere. Do you want to do it S. or should I?