Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Democracy of F14s

I don't usually like to waste my energy confronting militaristic types whose sole wish is to bomb us to oblivion, nor do I like to go around making nationalistic about protecting the sovereignty of Iran, but every now and again, when the iranian roller coaster reaches one of its peaks and these opportunists jump in like vultures, i have to let off steam.

So i left a message on the revolting site of Regime Change for Iran, telling them to mind their own business.

A fellow with the pathetic name of F14, left this comment for me, ending his note with this warning: "Now, think twice and be advised that change in your country never happens unless a foreign force comes to rescue you".

i had to tell the silly man that were it not for the U.S. administered coup of 1953 that reinstalled the dictator shah, we would most likely be in our 52 year of a secular democratic republic. i also reminded him about a little thing in international law called state sovereignty, and that U.S. disregard for it notwithstanding, it is still illegal to attack nation-states for no apparent reason. besides, i said, why don't you go fix the mess you got yourself into in iraq before you come blasting down our doors. Finally, i told him that their interventions and cynical appropriation of events in iran always work to the advantage of the most extreme elements in our society, making it even harder for those of us who want change from within: by iranians, for iranians.

Anyway, seems like they hated my comments, because i can't find them anywhere on their site. just goes to show what kind of democracy they want to bring to Iranians.

So, mr. F14 and gang, you can keep on cultivating a sense of consensus in your imaginary world, but you will continue to be challenged by Iranians and their allies. Meanwhile, you're just shooting blanks.