Sunday, July 10, 2005

Some Links

1) Fisk Awakes from Coma

"Just before the US presidential elections, Bin Laden asked: "Why do we not attack Sweden?"

Lucky Sweden. No Osama bin Laden there. And no Tony Blair"

Ever since Robert Fisk started sharing details about things like dining as a private guest in Waleed Jumblatt's Druze castle and Rafiq Hariri's generous offers of flying Fisk on one of his private jets, I sort of lost interest in what he had to say, particularly when it came to Lebanon.

But I do recommend his article entitled "The Reality of this Barbaric Bombing", from which the above quote was taken. Maybe Fisk is finally emerging from the intoxication of hanging out with the rich and powerful to once again do the kind of reporting and commentary for which many of us respect him.

2) Threatened in the BBC!?

A young Afghan blogger who writes in Persian and English has accused a BBC reporter of harassing and threatening him. For its part, the BBC seems to be taking the accusation seriously, and has promised to look into the matter. If you want to read an interview with the blogger about the situation, you can do so here.

3) Cyrus the Not-so-Great

When I blogged about the disappearance of Iranian camera-man Farhad Faraji at the hands of the US military in Iraq, I didn't know that he had been accompanied by an Iranian-American film-maker named Cyrus Kar.

This Kar fellow, one of a familiar breed of people of Iranian descent who like to pretend that the end-all be-all of Iranian history and identity is found in the "Glorious Persian Empire", was a big advocate of the war against Iraq. He was also a former Navy seal who hangs U.S. flag over his bed and was, according to his sister, "ashamed of being Iranian".

Apparently these facts made an impression on the military, since they have announced that Kar (and along with him, Farjami) will be released from U.S. custody in Iraq.

Perhaps this whole episode of being held without charge and having his rights violated for nearly two months in custody will make Mr. Kar think twice about the kind of democracy he advocates should be brought to other places with bombs and tanks. Then again, seeing as to how his pro-war, self-hating attitude seems to have been instrumental in getting him released, perhaps he will get only worse.

4) Iranian Immigrant

For those Iranians living in the U.S., the U.K., or pretty much anywhere in Europe, you may want to start doing your shopping here.