Sunday, July 10, 2005

The Passing of 18th of Tir

18 Tir just passed.

i was going to blog about it somewhat at length, but i didn't. apparently neither did anybody else. Well, no, Shabah wrote a post entitled "Emrooz 18 Tir Ast" (Today is the 18 of Tir). frankly i didn't read it, and i don't think i will either. Penlog also issued a brief statement, citing the same three student political prisoners whose names are thrown around this time of year.

Someone should tell Penlog and others like them that there are more political prisoners than the handful of names we are all familiar with. Just because we may not find their political views particularly savory or easy to co-opt doesn't mean they should be left name-less and face-less, rotting away god knows where.

Secondly, those who drafted the Penlog statement should be made aware that according to the most recent news, one of the named prisoners, Ahmad Batebi, hasn't returned to prison since he was let out sometime ago to get married. You can read about this here and also get an earful of Batebi's completely untenable, and ultimately just sadly stupid and shallow, analysis on the first phase of the Iranian elections.

Well, the anniversary has passed/is the past.

the question is: who killed the 18th of Tir?

i have my suspicions, but no use beating a dead horse, not this late at night anyway.