Saturday, July 30, 2005

The Name Game

A few years ago a friend of mine (who runs one of the most popular Iranian websites, by the way), cheerfully asked me: "you know what they say about Mohammad Khatami?". I knew a lot of things they say about him, but I shrugged my shoulders, "no, what do they say about Mohammad Khatami?". "well", he responded, "they read signs in his name: mohammad Khatami, Khatami is derived from Khatm (the end), so it will be the end of Mohammad in Iran!", i.e. the end of Islam in Iran, meaning the end of the IRI.

With that kind of analysis, i had to tease him: "what is this, the newest california method for forseeing the future? What's it called, name-ology?". This time he shrugged, and we went on talking of other things, like gossip about regular contributors to his site.

Now that Mohammad's end is indeed nearing, with Ahmadinejhad scheduled to be sworn in as the new president of Iran in a mere days, i thought it would be fun to apply the science of nameology to our new leader.

Okay, here we go:

Full name:
Mahmoud Ahmadi-nejhad

First name:
Mahmoud (a name related to Mohammad)

Last Name:
Ahmadi (a name also related to Mohammad)
Nejhad (race, in this case meaning "of the race of" or "of the lineage of)

Anybody want to make predictions about our future based on this breakdown?

Let's make our jokes while we can, because i'm pretty sure our days are numbered.

In other news about our president elect, the CIA announced that Ahmadinejhad is not the man pictured in the embassy hostage taking photo. It turns out that the two men below are not the same afterall:

So it took the CIA, which is supposedly one of the world's top intelligence agencies, more than a month to figure out something that anyone with two working eyes could recognize in mere seconds. This is almost as embarrassing as their claims about the WMD in Iraq!

I thought the conventional widsom was that the CIA is where the real intelligence happens, and the dummies are only in the FBI? It may be time to reconsider the stereotype.

Note: Source of above photo is the Brooding Persian