Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Freedom from Hate-Speech

I am temporarily closing the comments section as a result of its misuse by a single individual by the name of Jeffrey Schuster.

As my readers know, I don't have a problem with critiques of what I say, and in fact I often engage directly in the comments section with those who rabidly disagree with me. However, on a blog such as mine, which does not have many readers and even fewer commentators, a single person who never engages with the content of the posts and instead uses the space for abusive purposes can effectively shut-out all others who wish to use the comment section for debate and discussion.

Jeffrey Schuster displays classic signs of stalking behavior, and it is such behaviour patterns coupled with his relentless racist rages that have prompted me to temporarily close this comments section. Examples of Jeffrey Schuster's racist attacks, particularly against Muslims and Middle Easterners in general are available to anyone who can do a google search. This unabashed racism would be unremarkeable in itself were it not for the fact that Jeffrey Schuster also holds a job in the U.S. as an ESL instructor where he holds a position of authority over the same populations he regularly demeans and berates.

In any case, due to some personal hardships that we are experiencing at the time, I am unable to moniter the comments section to make sure that it remains free from those who wish to silence all other voices save their own.

I promise to re-open the comments sections as soon as I can return to being an active participant in this blog.