Monday, May 30, 2005

Those Who Pay With Their Lives vs. Those Getting Paid

A) Akbar Ganjii

Thankfully, the jailed Iranian journalist Akbar Ganjii was released on medical furlough today. His medical break is for a week only, but it looks like he will probably get an extension. Arash Ashoorinia has posted photos of Ganjii on his first day out of jail. Who knows what will happen from here on out, but Ganjii himself looks so happy, it's nice to enjoy the moment with him

B)More Money to Annoying Iranian "Exile" Groups

Given the great success they had with Iraqi expat groups, the Bush administration is increasing funding of Iranian "exile" groups pushing for "democracy" in Iran. This means more talk shows with pre-screened callers from the Voice of America, more 5th rate cheesy L.A. produced music videos that are supposed to entice Iranians, and most likely one or two saviors like ahura yazdi. I know i'm looking forward to it.

C) Debates with Women

Something really infuriating has happened that I don't have time to go into now but involves the spokesperson for mostafa moeen's presidential campaign, a last minute cancellation of her appearance on a primetime show she was supposed to be on, and a bunch of chauvinist jerks who seem to be afraid of facing her.

As Alireza mentioned in the side bar of his blog, it's the kind of the thing that makes you want to vote for Moeen, if for no other reason than to stick it to the people behind this episode.

but like i said, more on that later.