Wednesday, May 18, 2005

On Donkeys and Mules

Bits and pieces of news from our "terribly, terribly strange Republic":

1) Ass Burgers: A father and son are arrested in iran on charges of selling some three tons of donkey meat and passing it off as prime fillet in three cities. They were found out when the heads and feet of numerous donkeys were discovered by holiday-makers out on new year's roadtrips/picnics. The story (in persian) can be found here in Shargh , and i'm pasting below the lovely caricature that came with the story:

2) Denying violence thru Violence : speaking of Shargh Newspaper, one of their reporters was attacked by an Iranian member of parliament named Mehdi Koochakzadeh. Why? Because the said journalist had earlier that week reported that Koochakzadeh had tried to attack another member of parliament, Naser Nasiri, who was in the middle of making a speech in support of one of the presidential candidates. Apparently Koochakzadeh was stopped by another member of parliament before he could reach the offending speaker, but his ire was raised again when Shargh reported on this violent outburst. Soon after denying that he had lost his temper and accusing the reporter of being a liar, Koochakzadeh flew off the handle when he saw the journalist in the parliament, assaulted him, told him to watch his back, and called him some names. Koochakzadeh has subsequently denied the second incident as well, calling it a bunch of lies. More details on the story at bbc Persian.