Saturday, April 23, 2005

** The No War on Iran Site, which will be reconfiguring itself shortly to reflect what seems to be the latest manifestation of U.S. plans for "regime change" in iran, has a new contributing member, Mana Kia. I recommend her debut post, which addresses the recent unrest among the Arab speaking Iranians in the province of Khuzistan.

** I've been stuffing my face with Gojeh Sabz and to a lesser extent, on Chaghale badoom . The chaghale here are not very good, they don't bring them to the market until they are quite big (unlike the small ones from iran which i linked to), so they are not tender and not always very tasty. The Gojeh, on the other hand, are delicious. I was so excited when i saw the season's first batch of gojeh that we bought some from a road vender for 12 dollars a pound. they were imported from syria and tasted like water, but we were so excited we ate the whole bag, unwashed, and paid a dear price the entire next day. it was worth it.

** R. came across this great site called Postsecret, which is an art project where people anonymously send in their secrets on postcards. You'll find a wonderful mix of funny, terrifying, sad, and down right devilish submissions.

** for reasons having to do with a temp project i was involved in, i ended up spending a day at a Muslim Brotherhood school. The place was immaculate, incredibly well funded, with well behaved and highly disciplined children. the entire place is covered with shiny murals and slogans exhorting the virtues of veiling, praying, and other pious acts. you know, the same kind of stuff you see all over iran, except that the gloss wore off our murals about 15 years ago, and the slogans about hijab and things are just unheeded reminders to a population that has increasingly turned its back on state sponsored religion, if not on religion all together.

anyway, even though everyone at the Muslim Brotherhood school was very hospitable and super nice, i pretty much ran out of the place when the day was done. i was feeling a bit bad about myself, though i couldn't quite explain why. R. says it is because some part of me still believes in a vengeful god and all the accompanying entrapments. He's right. indoctrination in post-revolution iranian elementary schools will do that to you.

**enough rambling for now. i'll try to update more, especially since the iranian elections are not so far away.