Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Bitter Pills and Poisons

Discussions of the Iranian presidential elections, due to be held on June 17th, are finally starting to appear on a wide scale online. The Gooya Newsletter has opened a whole new section dedicated to everything elections, and bloggers have already started weighing in on the candidates as well on for whom or whether they will vote.

I think I'll start increasingly including some election news/links/opinions about the elections, in case readers are interested in details (and inevitable dramas) of the presidential elections.

Ex-VP Abtahi's latest post includes a few lines on some of the candidates. I'm translating his comments on Rafsanjani below:

Mr. Rafsanjani has announced that pretty soon he will be forced to drink the bitter medicine of presidential candidacy and to run for president despite his inner desires to the contrary. I don't know why Mr. Rafsanjani has used this metaphor has so many PR and media consultants who work with his staff, why didn't they advise him that this metaphor is a big insult to the people of Iran and that if someone wants to be the president of the great people of Iran he wont think of the post of the presidency as a bitter medicine

The first thing I thought of when I read Rafsanjani's ill-chosen metaphor was Ayatollah Khomeini's comments about the 1988 cease-fire agreement that ended the tragic 8 year war with iraq; in referring to his having signed the treaty, he announced that he had "drank the cup of poison".

But anyway, Abtahi has a good point there, don't you think?

In any case, if Rafsanjani does become president, I don't think he will be the one taking any bitter medicines....