Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Nerdy News

The newest post on the group blog Persian Students in the UK reports about the opening of the new Iranian National Library. One of the commentors on the post, left this link to pictures of its construction, and i found this story (with pics) talking a bit about the library and its opening ceremonies.

The new library is housing over a million copies of books in numerous languages, and their acquisition plans are to buy up to 600,000 more volumes in the next decade.

For a book worm like me, this is the most exciting news i've heard in a long time.

But i've also been immersed in all the news about the possibility of another war, so everything i read about iran, my mind always turns to the horror of an attack on iran.

So in this case i think: since destroying a people's historical and cultural background is a crucial part of every colonial-style invasion, I am sure that those updating war plans on iran have already marked the location of the new library.

And i think about the damage to the national library in iraq, and how that war monger Kanan Makiya, who was instrumental in pushing the case for an invasion, now has started an Iraq memory foundation to institutionalize his feigned concern over the preservation of Iraqi archives.

and we have dozens of makiyas of our own, salivating at the thought of destroying archives so that they can take credit for restoring them and so they can revise history in the process.