Monday, March 21, 2005

hands off iran

A day or two late is better than never.

Reza Nasri had the great idea that bloggers should dedicate March 19th to a "Hands off Iran" day.

March 19th is the anniversary of the nationalization of Iranian oil, an act that eventually cost iranians a democratically elected government at the hands of a CIA-orchestrated coup that installed the dictator regime of mohammad reza pahlavi. this year,the date coincided with worldwide protests marking the second anniversary of the illegal war on iraq. march 19th, therefore, was a particularly appropriate date for registering our dissent against an expansionist war on iran as well.

march 19th has passed, but i hope you join me in a temporarily changing your blog's name to "hands off iran" in act of solidarity with the majority who are against war in iran and elsewhere.