Sunday, February 13, 2005

Post-Election Blues

"Postelection Optimism Ebbing in Iraq", so says the LA Times, which nonetheless manages to pull off a elections-and-allawi-are-great ending.

Now I'm still wondering how an election commission that counted "8 million" votes in 9 days needed half a week to count a mere 300 ballots, but that's a tangent at the moment. More important is that the results of the much raved about election are due out any hour now, and we will really see a nose dive in optimism then, i'm afraid. Suddenly, the same people bursting with joy at the site of a "free Iraqi election" will start back-tracking and finding excuses for why the election was flawed.

Then again, the extra days the commission took may have been just enough to cook up some acceptable results, in which case the celebratory claims will continue unabated.

Either way, the consequences for the Iraqi people will be ugly...