Sunday, January 30, 2005

Moammar Qadhafi may be a complete looney-toon (if you dont believe me, see his official website), but he has seen the writing on the wall. Like other U.S. supported dictators turned U.S. enemy, he knew his options were as follows:

A) Have your country invaded, bombed, humiliated, and have your natural resources handed over to U.S. companies as war booty

B) Hand over your natural resources to U.S. companies yourself

so what if U.S bombings in 1986 were responsible for killing his adopted baby daughter, right? Qadafi just bought himself guaranteed support as yet another favored dictator whose violations go un-noticed as long as he behaves himself.

hey, but crazy Q will be in good company with other lunatic U.S. backed dictators who sit on millions of dollars worth of oil and gas reserves. My favorite example is Saparmurat Niyazov, the absolute dictator of Turkeministan, friendly to U.S. interests, and known, among other things for:

1. Declaring gold filling unsafe and demanding that the population have their gold-caps removed by painful dental procedures
2. Making July 10 a public holiday in honour of melons
3. Banning circuses
4. Re-naming january after himself, and April after his late mother, whose name Gurbansoltanedzhe, just rolls off the tongue
5. Creating a "Ministry of Fairness"

And as long as Qadhafi and Niyazov play nice with U.S. corporations/administrations, we'll be treated to lots more of the fanciful products of their twisted imaginations. Meanwhile, millions of libyans and turkministanis will be cheated out of their freedom and their access to the natural resources of their own nations.