Tuesday, December 14, 2004

If you know me well, you will have figured that i have a slight tendancy towards masochism, and it usually takes the form of exposing myself to "news" and "analysis" that aggravate me. Another thing I do to torture myself is that I talk now and again with people I met in Iranian chatrooms. Having observed me, Ra'ed once pointed out (rightly) that I seemed to partake in the activity just so I could curse my interlocuters, kind of like what i do when i watch Iranian "opposition" television, except that in the case of latter i swear at the t.v. and with the chatroom folks, i complain bitterly about them afterwards.

so today, while i was ostensibly doing some serious writing, i decided to expose myself to the most boring interview I have ever seen, anywhere. it was an interview with the aging iranian popstar habib and that extremely annoying (even for Iranian satellite TV standards) host that always sounds like he has a gerbil stuck in his throat.Habib was as charismatic as a limp stick of asparagus and the host, as usual, was droning on and on with his inanities.

Back in the 70s, my mom used to sit and cry every time she heard Habib strumming his guitar and singing his melancholy hit song "marde tanhaye shab (the lonely man of the night)". Rumor had it that Habib had lost both his mom and wife (who was said to have the same name as my mother) in a tragic car accident. He also had a song dedicated to and named after his wife, which as you can imagine, set mom's tear ducts into over drive as well. Mom is no longer this sentimental when it comes to love songs, but last year when my grandmother was visiting me, I made the mistake of playing a song habib had written for, you guessed it, his mother, and it took a whole hour of acting the clown and desperately trying to distract my grandmother before her tears dried up.

I've never figured out whether the story about the death of habib's mom and wife was true or not (mom thinks that they were lies to promote his sad-lonely-singer image, but maybe she convinced herself of that so that she would quit crying).

And I started this post with the intention of making fun of about four or five iranian popstars, you know, just to be a jerk but maybe be funny too. One of my victims was going to be habib and his son mohammad, with whom he now sings, but it seems that i have i've fallen to my own weepy sentimentality.

I mean what if this Mohammad is the son of that wife, you know the one who died in the accident? i think the math doesnt work out, but still you never know. either way, i think it is kind of sweet that they are singing together, especially when they do a duet on the song "madar(mother)".

so forget it, i guess i'm a masochistic and a sap.