Thursday, December 16, 2004

Hurray for the U.K.

Someone in the family always jokes that if you go to the root of every major conflict in the world, you find the work of the British. I know, it is a very My Uncle Napolean sort of statement that can be dismissed in terms of the "Persian penchant for conspiracy", as the wanna-be Orientalist and former U.S. ambassador to Iran, William Sullivan, is condescendingly fond of saying.

But when you consider that the U.S.(and Australia)were at bottom projects of that glorious isle, well then the theory doesn't seem soooo absurd, does it?

Seriously, though, every now and again the British government does things that are worthy of praise, and this week, there were two of them:

1) Today, Britain's highest court ruled that foreigners CANNOT be held in detention without charge or trial. To do so, they rightly pointed out, was against European human rights laws.

2)And on Tuesday, a British court ruled in favor of an Iraqi family suing the U.K. government for the death of the civilian Baha Mousa, a young man in his twenties and father of two, who was beaten to death during interrogations by the British troops.

So here is something you wont hear me say every day: Bravo to the British! At least there it seems that adherence to the law still means something. Let's hope the poodle Blair and his little gang don't try to subvert the law like they've done before.