Wednesday, November 03, 2004

This is just what i expected. sort of.

yesterday i was talking on-line with my brother, and we both had an inkling that bush would be the victor. or as he put it, bush would either win or "win", the way he did last time.

but lo and behold, looks like bush didn't need to "win" because he really did win. according to the bush campaign people, bush will be the first president since 1988 to have captured both the popular and electoral vote and that the popular vote reflects the most any american president has received ever.

now they can't blame nader for this one now can they?

and now, after months and years of capitulating to republicans and letting them set the framework on practically every issue, John Kerry and the democratic party, which is perhaps the world's stupidest party, decide to stand their grand and refuse to concede ohio?

i'm afraid the time for showing some resolve is long past. for god's sake, concede already, and go back to approving whatever the polls tell you to pass.

without having won the popular vote in 2000 and having been appointed president, with the majority of the world governments and peoples against him and with falsified proof for an illegal war, bush managed to strong-arm his way into plunging Iraq into disaster and ruining the U.S. economy to boot.

what do you suppose he will do now that he has a solidly republican congress and a mandate from his people?

it's not just the rest of the world that has to brace for the upcoming nightmare, it is the U.S. too. they just don't know yet what a colossal mistake they have made.

canada start patrolling your borders. i predict a mass northern migration.