Friday, November 12, 2004

Iranians in Falluja?

I don't think so.

Bush and his puppet Alawi have been killing themselves trying to link Iran to the Iraqi resistance, and while claims of Iranian interferance in the Shia dominated south may not break the bullshit-o-meter, the mere idea that Iranians would be hanging out--much less fighting side by side with--the resistance fighters in Sunni Falluja is ridiculous.

But Lieutenant General Thomas Sattler, the commander against the attack on falluja, claims that U.S. forces were making progress in Falluja "killing about 600 insurgents and capturing 150 during the assault, including at least a dozen foreigners, ten of whom were believed to be from neighboring Iran".

How can US forces claim on the one hand that falluja is gripped by former Saddam royalists and Zarqawi followers AND iranians? Iranians joining forces with followers of their arch-enemy saddam? Iranians fighting alongside supporters of the rabid Shia hater/killer Zarqawi? Are people expected to believe this? I guess the same fools who bought the hogwash about sadam's links to al-qaeda will swallow this one too.

By the way, the article i linked to above quotes the spokesman for allawi saying about the resistance in falluja: "They are foreigners. They were not invited to come to Iraq and we want them out of here".

Can someone remind me who invited the U.S. to conquer Iraq?