Friday, October 15, 2004

There was an ad in the local paper here that said:

TO OUR IRAQI BROTHERS: New shipments of bullet proof cars newly arrived in Aqaba.

We were talking about how this ad alone captures how wrong things have gone in Iraq.

And the streets here are filled with Iraqi men, women, and children who have set up goods on sidewalks in various neighborhoods, trying to make a few dinars to get by. these are surely not former regime agents and ba'thists (though they too are all over the place). I am talking about ordinary desperate people who were forced to come here either because of the brutal sanctions regime or because of the war of occupation.


meanwhile, our own compatriots are busy trying to lay the ground work for an attack on iran. and should that not work, well, these long distance warriors have a back up plan: they want Iranians inside of Iran to hoard small currency so as to cripple the Iranian regime!

these people have the nerve to report proudly that: (and here i am quoting their moronic press release)

"Reports from Iran indicate that small stores and shops are already beginning to feel the effect of this nationwide Project"

and supposing these so called "reports" were true? who will be suffering because of unstable economy? the self identified "technocrats and scientists" who designed this project from the comfortable perches in north america? the wealthy clerics who run the country?

no, it will be precisely the owner of the small shops and stores who are barely making enough to get by, the struggling families, the people whose only currency IS the small currency.

you know this project makes me think of the transcripts from a an iranian satellite tv show that ebrahim nabavi posted selections of in his column. here is the translation of the portion i am reminded of:

A man from iran calls the t.v program broadcasting via satellite from the US:

"Sir, I bow before you! Sir, they have been saying that lately one can find no idiots in Iran, it seems they have all moved to America."

The host hung up on him at this point, naturally.

But point well made, my brother, point well made!