Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Neither of these news items is fresh of the press, and my stomach hurts so i will keep my usual side commentary to a minimum. nonetheless, i think both stories deserve a mention:

**first: The iranian hardline basiji militia have requested that the UN grant them observer status at the US national elections. A basiji spokesman claimed that "By this symbolic request, we want to ridicule the so-called democratic slogans of the American leaders". hypocrites calling out the hypocrites, what fun!

**second: iran endorses bush for president. and why not, i say? thanks to bush iran's two arch-enemies the taliban and saddam hussein were taken out, and iran didn't have to lose a single soldier or pay a penny. it could just sit back, develop its own weapons without much trouble, and watch its biggest enemy get itself stuck in a quagmire while destroying its two other enemies. and the benefits to the IRI don't stop here, but more on that later...