Monday, October 11, 2004

Before the friendly game in Iran between the German national team and the Iranian national team, the longtime German football commentator Bela Rethy noted that:

"In all my 24 years as a sports reporter, I have never experienced such football euphoria than what you see in Iran, not even in South America. It is unique."

just like rage can be suppressed for so long, so can joy. the pleasure principle, i suppose. The older Freud may have decided that the death principle had primacy over the pleasure principle, but i'm starting to think that the will to life will almost always triumphs over the will to die.

i mean, i don't want to sound like the fairly interesting, but immensely repetitive and superficial account that Behzad Yaghmaian gives in his book, nor do I want to give some sort of "keep hope alive" jesse jackson speech, but there is a palpable energy in iranian social and cultural spheres that makes me feel optimistic.


my unconscious life is getting more active than ever. last night i dreamt i was flying while dozens of planes crashed onto the ground and into a teaming river; a giant crocodile that was attacking a house i was staying in by myself; and i also dreamt of a spoiled girl i went to middle school with who used to throw hissy fits without the slightest provocation.

Laila Kha Kha posted a dream and asked for interpretations, to which i obliged by sending a not very convincing response. so i will follow her in requesting insight on the bits and pieces of the dreams i post.


This just in: yet another Irani is suffering from the savior complex. His name is Said Agha Nazem, and he thinks he is the 12th Shia Imam Mahdi now returned. Not only did his followers decide to attack a police station in Iran with Kalshnikovs, but his supporters in tehran had the nerve to protest about the resulting death of the of some of the attackers!