Wednesday, September 29, 2004

With only two days left until "the event" that is supposed to free iran, i guess i'll finally have to add my voice to the many that the brooding persian has described as making ahura the "object of wrath, scorn, derision and laughter".

i'm not in tehran, so i can't vouch for or deny the buzz that the brooder describes, but respecting him as i do, i am quite sure that he is correct in his perceptions of the general mood.

after the fall of baghdad and before the anniversary of the 1999 iranian student uprising, i remember a similar feeling in the air in the diaspora. and in iran, too, apparently, since thousands of students took to the streets, thousands were arrested, and sometime later, when the hope seemed to have died down as quickly as it had sprung up, the arrested (most of them, anyway) were spit back out, un-noticed for the most part.

is the excitement around ahura's victorious return at all on the same scale as the wave that seemed to have hit us a little over a year ago? thankfully this doesnt seem to be the case. but if it is true that two thousand people took to the streets in tehran in support of ahura, well i think that is two thousand people too many. and i am still a bit in shock/shame mode to even begin an analysis or thoughtful comment on the phenomena.


on an entirely different note:

for about 200 hundred reasons, one of which includes his performance in the infuriating "documentary" Forbidden Iran, i am not exactly fond of the student activist kianoosh sanjari. but i heard a rumour the other day that he had tried to take his own life, and i was wondering if anyone knows of the circumstances. Is he back in jail or what? is it a publicity stunt? (sorry to be cynical, but i had to ask) Where on earth is the rest of the "student movement" anyway?