Thursday, September 30, 2004

today i saw a friendly link to my last post from a right-wing site, and i thought: "gee, maybe i wasn't explicit enough about my bewildered contempt for ahura and his damn-fool idea for liberating iran". i mean, i may be more bewildered than contemptuous, but i certainly am contemptuous.

believe me, i am always looking for innovative and imaginative forms of dissent. but far from fostering creativity and putting people's restlessness to productive use, megalomaniacal nut-jobs like ahura yazdi sap it out and put immovable boulders in front of anyone else who may have a viable plan for restructuring our lives and societies.

ahura yazdi will make those iranians who genuinely seek new forms of resistance look like lunatics in the same way that opportunistic and phony student movement sites make independent activist students in iran seem like they are mere stooges for the neo-conservative agenda to attack iran.

of course, if tomorrow (which is the birthday of Imam Mahdi, no less), iran is freed, well then, i will change my last name to its "parsi" equivalent (i mean, my first name is as "ahoorayee" as it gets, so i guess i'll keep it).