Friday, September 24, 2004

before i came here, i used to romanticize the azan (call to prayer). you know, in that typical--and usually naive and annoying-- diaspora way of clinging on to vague and sometimes entirely constructed memories of the "motherland".

but now that i am in a place where the azan is an inescapable part of my daily life, i find that i dont particularly enjoy it.

now it is just a marker of hours and days gone by in vain. the morning call to prayer, if i should be up to hear it, signals that another sleepless night has passed. the noon azan usually means that i've wasted a morning, most likely sleeping. the afternoon call, i tend not to hear, i'm not so sure why, maybe the sounds of the city are at their peak then, and the echos of the call to prayer are drowned out by the white noise. and the evening call, well that one is obvious, it reminds me that the day is over for the most part, and i dont have too much to show for it, not even a blog entry.

so yea, i know, i am projecting, it is not the azan i dont like but my own listless unproductivity. but projection, after all, is a defense mechanism. and as long as you still have functioning defense mechanisms, you know that that there is still hope...