Thursday, August 26, 2004

When Iran calls for an emergency summit among Muslim countries to discuss the crisis in Iraq, are they doing anything more than making a self-important gesture as a regional power and as a self-appointed moral arbiter?

But who does the Iraqi foreign minister, Hoshyar Zebari, think he is fooling when he responds to the Iranian offer by saying:

"It is a domestic matter which must be solved in keeping with the law and the sovereignty of the state. That is why Iraq will not join any attempt to internationalize the matter....Accepting the proposal would amount to an interference in Iraq's domestic affairs and would open the way to meddling in internal problems of other neighboring countries".

"The sovereignty of the state", for god's sake? Did Zebari forget that his country is occupied? Did he forget that his country is occupied precisely because the sovereignty of his state was violated? And as for opening the door for "meddling in the internal problems of neighboring countries", please, I mean wasn't that one of the motivations behind the war? Advocates of the invasion couldn't have been more explicit on this point.

I suppose Zebari is taking his cues from his boss Rumsfeld, who complained some time ago that the reason behind the unrest in Iraq was the presence of "foreign fighters".

For once, I'd say I agree 100% with Rummy the dummy.