Tuesday, June 08, 2004

You know those half-wit monarchist/right-wingers who try to pass themselves off as progressives over at "activist chat"?

they have this petition going against the IRI, i suggest you look at the text of their logo closely:

How, pray tell, does one become a part-time suicide bomber? How exactly would this work, you drive taxis in the day and moonlight as suicide-bomber? Has the IRI figured out how to bring back the dead? (because if they can, this publicity stunt of their's would be the least of our troubles)

Update: well, i guess the activist-chat people figured out that it made no sense to say that the IRI was looking for part-time suicide bombers. i should have saved the image instead of uploading it straight from their site. well, anyway, i'll still keep this post up as a reminder of how idiotic the activist-chat people are, there is always something on their site that is as equally ridicule-worthy as their announcement of part-time suicide bombers.