Saturday, June 12, 2004

My little brother is graduating tomorrow. He's not too thrilled about any of it, especially not the ceremony he has to go through, but i want to congratulate him publicly anyway.

so way to go, petit frere!

here is my word of advice to you in this life: whenever you are faced with any formalities--be they simple or not--just think to yourself "Je suis Oneuf!!", and everything is bound to turn out ok.

well, speaking of my brother and inside jokes aside, one of my most treasured possessions in this world is a picture of him when he was in the first grade. on the back of his little class photo, he wrote, and i quote below (everything is verbatim--inlcuding the funny place of the punctuation mark--but of course i am leaving out both of our full names). ok, so this is what he said:

Dear, N
I like you a lot. sometimes when you hit me, i dont like it at all.
love, N

god, he was the sweetest little jerk of a brother anyone could ask for.