Monday, May 24, 2004

A thinking student of mine (imagine that, a student who thinks!), said in class the other day: "information is just static in the brain".

she meant: it is not enough to know that, what matters is what you do with the information. we were speaking specifically about political and social change, and i thought she was right on.

so there you have it, lots of static in my brain. what to do before it becomes just white noise, dulling my senses instead of sharpening them?


ok, enough self-indulgence, how about more static?

as much as i loathe him, chalabi's so-called fall from grace didn't really sit well with me.

the conspiracy theory wheels started turning, so i ignored myself, and tried not to think too much about it.

then came the rumors that Chalabi was a secret spy for Iran, which, believe it or not, i sort of bought in the heat of the moment.

in practically every other post, i make some mention of how crafty i think the IRI is, and so when i heard these rumors, i thought "damn it, the IRI has really out-done itself this time, getting its public enemy number 1, the Great Satan, to take out its public enemy number one junior, the spawn of great satan (aka saddam hossein)."

i heard someone say that if the rumors prove true, then iran has managed to orchestrate one of the greatest intelligence coups of all time.

what a dilemma for anti-IRI ultra-nationalists: in their deepest darkest secret moments, they might find themselves blushing with pride at the IR's brilliant plot for overthrowing the most blood-thirsty enemy the iranians have seen in the last 100 years.

but you know, it is rather convenient isn't it, to place the ultimate blame squarely on iran's shoulders?

it is the bush administration who are really the crafty ones here: not only do they somehow exonerate themselves for the bogus intelligence on which they made a case for moving against iraq, they also manage to further lay the groundwork for attacking iran. in other words, instead of a retreat from war, we are egged on to prepare for more of it. time to get the "Nuke Iran" and "let's kick the Shi'ite out of Iran" posters out of the garage, where they had been sitting since the 1980 hostage crisis.

oh yea, one more thing, a conservative U.S. publication is claiming that Jordan gave the tip off on Chalabi's dealings with Iran.

i mean, really, am i supposed to keep my conspiratorial thinking under control with a mix like this?

but anyway, for an admittedly wittier take on all of this--Chalabi, Iran, and yes, even jordan--check out what Ra'ed wrote today.