Monday, May 31, 2004

Last night, an old college roommate i haven't heard from in years, angela davis, and morrissey all make an appearance in the same dream.

i'm staring at a dirty aquarium and morrissey, who in my dream looks something like Ira Glass is pressing against my back. i yell for my college roommate as angela looks on, and later, the ira glass looking morrissey walks me home, going on and on about a book he has written. i'm not feeling very happy, and i wake up in a bad mood.

hmm, well, let me change the topic, i know, listening to people's dreams is boring...

Why haven't any iranian blogs in english written about the iranian journalist who was bitten by a representative of the iranian judiciary?

When i saw this picture of the bite-mark, i remembered my friend telling me about a parody Hadi Khorsandi did of the old iranian national anthem. He changed the former anthem, ey iran ey marz-e por gohar (roughly: oh iran oh land that is full of gems) to ey iran ey marz-e por kotak (roughly: oh iran oh land that is full of beatings).

funny, but also depressing, right?

in all honesty, i haven't read the full details on the bitten and beaten journalist, which is why i was hoping some english speaking blogger would take it up. the accounts i've seen in persian so far are from the usual suspect "opposition", and i am in no mood for their hyperbole. you'd think man-bites-man would be dramatic enough as is, but no, our beeroone marz mobarezan have to amplify the drama ten-fold, no matter what the original story.

sorry, i'm sounding like a real jerk this morning. i told you i woke up in a mood...I'll stop now.