Wednesday, April 07, 2004

What can i say? today is political picture day. i just can't resist posting these, even though the first two are almost a month old. check out president Khatami sandwiched between Iraqi puppet council members Chalabi and Bahr al-Ulum (what on earth is Chalabi wearing?) how about this one of Khatami and Bahr al-Ulum closing their eyes as they move towards each other for that one sweet kiss. Speaking of kisses, look at the picture on the cover of Shargh Newspaper showing Nuclear Inspector El-Baradei planting one on Khatami's cheek.

Khatami and the rest of the clerics are looking markedly relaxed now that all hell seems to be breaking out next door, another wonderful side effect of the illegal invasion of Iraq. Faramin mentions the benefits the Iranian regime will be reaping from chaos in Iraq. If you'd like, you can check what he has to say about that here in his April 6 post.