Sunday, April 04, 2004

Two nights in a row of staying up until dawn and generally being excessive have me feeling slightly nauseated. now with the time changing because of daylight savings, my internal clock is completely off kilter. and all this work i was supposed to finish by the end of the weekend, i guess this means i will neither be celebrating sizdeh bedar or the resurrection party my ex-mormon friend is throwing.

Speaking of sizdeh bedar (or thirteen-to-the-door, as my brother and i jokingly call it), why on earth has the Islamic Republic decided to call it Rooz-e ashti ba tabiat (the day of reconciliation with nature)?

Iranians certainly need to be reconciled with many things, but i wouldn't necessarily put nature at the top of the list. the iranian culture wars--these battles of life and death over who we are and what we were-i devour them with fascination and disgust. it make me feel like a culture vulture, a cannibal, a voyeur.