Saturday, April 03, 2004

If i don't stop reading the ignorant racist comments people leave on some of the blogs i visit, i am going to go insane. i have such addictive-compulsive behavior when it comes to the internet, it is a wonder i don't display similar tendencies in my day to day life.


i live in close proximity to so much beauty it's a shame i don't explore it unless friends come here from out of town. yesterday, we found some great secretish trails that lead to the ocean from atop cliffs that look like they just plunge into the water.


Ever read Samuel Beckett's "Molloy"? Well, Molloy has this thing with sucking-stones, small pebbles he carries around in his pockets and sucks on in a precise rotation designed to ensure that he sucks on all the stones equally.

Whenever i go to beaches with lots of smooth flat pebbles, i get the urge to pop some of them in my mouth. i resist, of course, and satisfy myself with running the smooth stones around in the palm of my hand. my friend, on the other hand, found my description of the sucking-stone habit so enticing that he happily took it up right away. oh the things i introduce to my friends...