Wednesday, April 21, 2004

For some reason, i couldn't get the logo below to appear on my side-bar, and i tried no less than 30 times. so i have to reconcile myself to having it in the body of the post.

i have much to say on the so-called 'repatriation' of Afghans, especially when it is portrayed as an orderly and happy return back to one's home, but i have no time to go into it in depth tonight.

for now, it should suffice to say that if a population is seeking refuge in Iran rather than from it, one can only imagine the extent of the misery they are fleeing. It is the humanitarian and neighborly responsibility of the IRI to allow the refugees who wish to remain in iran to do so until the situation in afghanistan truly improves.

Other iranian bloggers have pointed out the hypocrisy of iranians who lament the treatment of iranian refugees in europe and elsewhere but who are silent when the same things happen to afghans in iran.

I think we have to look into what is happening to the afghan refugees in iran and not let this become another PR victory for the IRI (which can claim that is facilitating their joyous return to their homeland) or the United States (which can claim that they have constructed a free afghanistan to which refugees can safely return)